Hi, we’re DeAwna McGinley & Eric Cherney.


We are predominantly headshot and wedding photographers, but we love photographing just about anything. Clients often ask us, with all of the things to photograph in the world… why weddings? Well.. we ended up with a very unique wedding experience… watch this…

Our Wedding Story

Our wedding story is what inspired us to make a difference in other couples lives.

We were married on May 2, 2009. We realized, through the help of some amazing vendors like Jewell Events Catering, The Anita Dee II,  The Hyatt Regency and others, the difference you can make in a couple’s life through kindness, compassion, and giving what you can. We knew we wanted to give back. When we thought of what we had that we could share with others, we realized that we could give back with our love for visual artistry. We wanted every couple to have the opportunity to feel as special as we did on our wedding day, so it only made sense that we would join the wedding industry with our photography business. And it turns out it was the best decision we’ve ever made! We love the process of getting to know our couples and making friends along the way! You know something is right when you simply set the wheels in motion and it starts to build speed on it’s own… it feels joyful and effortless and incredibly rewarding… that’s what wedding photography is to us. Every wedding we are at together, we fall in love all over again, knowing that we are doing exactly what we were meant to do.


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