Courtney & Dan Engagement Shoot! {Chicago Engagement Photographer}

They met through the alumni chapter of their business fraternity, but I think it was probably the sauce at Michael’s Pizza on their first date that sealed the deal (seriously, that sauce is magic!). One of my very favorite things about doing engagement shoots is that it lets us get to know a whole new side of our couples. Courtney and Dan are both so incredibly business savvy and smart. When we met them for our first consultation, we knew that they were the types of people who get the job done and look good doing it! The part of them that we didn’t know yet, and got to see during their engagement shoot, was this playful, goofy, giggly side that clearly makes them that much more perfect for one another! Dan would make funny eyes at Courtney sending her into a giggle frenzy and the only thing I loved more than Dan’s “call you out” sense of humor, was Courtney listing off songs from old Savage Garden albums – Hilarious! We had so much fun hanging out with them and getting to know them for this shoot. Courtney and Dan are getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown in just 6 weeks! It’s going to be so amazing – we can’t wait.





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