Yay! Another excuse to avoid the winter weather, stay inside and play on our computers!

Not being particularly fond of the social media movement, I was weary about joining the newest craze… but after months of my assistant Jackie pleading with me (she’s always one step ahead of the game – its why I adore her!)… I am now on PINTEREST… and I love it!

For all of my brides planning out there, you should definitely utilize Pinterest, and other wedding sites. By sorting through countless images you can get a clear sense of what you want your wedding to look like. As the person taking the photos, I find it really helpful when a bride can show me what images speak to her. This helps me see her style, her personality and gives me a glimpse of what she’s dreaming of for her special day! That being said, here’s a teensy word of caution – be sure to stay realistic about your expectations when you use others’ images for inspiration. Many of those shots were spur of the moment and some of the best took careful planning, most were more than likely both. Here’s an example of that:

~ “Bride and Groom Under the Fireworks” shot. ~ These pictures are pinned on so many boards and for good reason – its such a great moment. If this is a picture that would “be nice to have” then just give your photographer a heads up and they will be around and get what they can, but if this is your idea of the perfect wedding shot and YOU MUST have it, be sure to tell your photographer right away and make sure that they know how important it is to you! (Also side note: MAKE SURE YOU CAN GET THE PERMIT. This has happened to a few people I know. After booking the venue, they found out that they could not get a fireworks permit.) Understand that if you want to get that moment on film, it may have to be planned a bit…  We will want to plan ahead for where the fireworks will burst, where you will stand and make sure that we have the room we need right next to you and you may spend the first part of the show being directed in a mini photo shoot through a few natural and romantic poses. The moment may not feel as organic in real life, but will look amazing in the picture!

One last little Pinterest tip as you are pinning your hearts out… never expect to recreate a photo that you see on Pinterest, in a magazine, or any other site. These images should be inspiration for what you would like your wedding to be like or feel like but not a copy and paste wedding album. I can look at these images to see what you are looking for, but I can’t repeat a moment in time. Do not fret, however, because that moment for YOU at your wedding, in your dress, with your new husband will be even more amazing!

I think that this type of website is going to be such a great step in the wedding planning world. It inspires vendors and brides to make each detail specific to their vision. Like we always say, a clear vision and good communication are key to a stress free wedding.

Overall we are pumped to start pinning! For all of my brides, make sure to find me so I can check out your boards!

My Pinterest

Happy Pinning!



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