Un-Veiling… the World of Wedding Headwear

So you have found the perfect dress, the shoes, you even picked out a garter, but you still have to top it off. There are endless options when it comes to veils and hair adornments, and the good news is that you can make almost anything go. (I mean…Carrie Bradshaw wore a BIRD in her hair in the Sex and the City movie.)


Let’s start with the traditional choice. A veil used to be used to hide the brides face until she took her vows, now it’s become a wedding staple with plenty of styles to choose from. Many little girls dream of the dramatic train and cathedral veil dragging behind them when they walk down the aisle. While this is incredibly dramatic and ethereal, we recommend that anyone who has a veil of this length remove it for the ceremony, for safety. Other classics include the fingertip (that’s where the veil falls), elbow (again), and birdcage (this has had a huge surge in popularity due to the vintage wedding trend, and it’s no muss factor.) Most of these choices are fastened to some sort of hair piece which brings us to our next section…

Headbands, Jeweled Combs, and Tiara’s (Oh my)

Who doesn’t dream of being a pretty princess on their wedding day? We all know that we are going to try on at least ONE sparkly crown during our search, and some of us may even buy it. There are a wide range of styles for you to choose from, but we have to stress that you consider the weight of the piece before you commit to it. Many a beautiful bride has fallen victim to a splitting headache due to bobby pins digging in her scalp in order to help hold the mass of her headwear. You should also make sure to consult your stylist, and bring your veil and other accessories to your styling consultation, in order to get the full picture.

Fresh Flowers

“Nope, not just for hippies Granny.”

There is nothing lovelier than a natural beauty with a simple flower in her hair. Really. She looks at ease and simple in the best possible way. We love seeing brides don flowers as accessories, even in winter weddings. The only advice we have is to make sure that your choice of flower goes with your wedding. (Don’t where a purple orchid if you only have orange and green lilies in your bouquet.) Also make sure that you have again practiced with your stylist beforehand to make the day of nice and easy.

In the end you could choose to wear nothing in your hair and you won’t be any less bridal. Like we always stress, this wedding is about what you want, and if you want Julie Andrews’ fifty foot train from Sound of Music (tear*) go for it! If you want to switch styles between the ceremony and reception, do it! Just have fun and be comfortable, because no matter what he won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you.

Happy Planning!



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