Clouds can be a Brides Best Friend

For those Brides worried about cloudy skies on their Wedding day, don’t fret, there is a silver lining… and it turns out it’s the clouds themselves.

These puffy wonders are a great help to us photographers, acting as natural diffusers that will soften the light on your face. There are numerous benefits to gray skies when you are shooting outdoors. Less heat means less perspiration, less light means less squinting and less shadows on your face.

Often times when the sun is high and bright, we have to scout out areas where we can easily manipulate the light. On a cloudy day we have a lot more freedom in choosing outdoor spots to shoot. This way we have more time to play with poses and just have fun!

So for our brides, don’t fret if you have clouds in the forecast, you will still get the pictures of your dreams. Rain or Shine.

Happy Planning!



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