The First Look

The tradition of the bride and groom waiting to see each other until the ceremony is getting a bit of a makeover. Many couples are opting for a sneak peek of their future spouse before the wedding, breaking the old superstition.

While some are still very hesitant toward this First Look trend, the ones that embrace it have reaped the benefits. Unless you are the type to walk out of the way when you see a black cat, or a ladder, you might want to consider the first look for yourself…

Reason 1: Scheduling

There is always that hour that the bridal party disappears to take photos. We recommend doing this before the ceremony instead of after. You are paying to give your family and friends a great time, you might as well join them. By getting these first look photos, you have eliminated the need to sneak away. You have fresh hair and makeup, the light is better (especially for us that live in the Midwest), and you have more energy and focus. By allowing yourselves to see each other you can get a whole heck of a lot done, and enjoy yourselves later.

Reason 2: Privacy

Sometimes a wedding can overwhelm the actual purpose of the event, to celebrate the love you have for your partner. Among the parade of friends and family it can be hard to find a minute away. This ensures that you have a moment alone together. Another upside to privacy is the chance to openly cry hysterically if you are a very emotional person, and you won’t have to concentrate on walking straight.

Reason 3: Nerves

Stage fright is ranked relatively high on the greatest fear scale for a lot of people. Seeing the face you find the most comfort in (without a hundred other eyes staring) will actually help you calm down. When you get to the ceremony you will have a strong sense of why you are there, and that excitement of knowing what awaits you at the end of the aisle. You will actually enjoy walking down the aisle more, because you have already gotten it out in private.

Reason 4: PHOTOS!

As the person taking the pictures, I can tell you that you will never get the chance to catch a moment like that one ever again. Not during the rest of the wedding, not during the rest of your life. The intimacy, the excitement, the LOVE is overwhelming. These are the photos that you will look at in 50 years and remember the butterflies and exhilaration that filled your entire body. Really it’s some of the best candid shots of the day.

You can also see how having two photographers comes in handy at your wedding. They can catch different angles of the same moment!

Whether or not you decide to take part in the first look, the first time seeing your fiancé before taking your vows will be a blissful moment. These photos have a lot of benefits to them, but at the end of the day it’s your choice. When it comes to your wedding, you should always go with what makes you happy and comfortable.

Happy Planning!



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