~Diamonds in the Rough~

Engagement and wedding rings represent the personalities of a bride and groom. Unlike the cake they cut, or the gown and tux they don on their wedding day, these precious pieces will forever be worn to represent their love…. So you better make sure you love that ring as much as the person that is putting it on your finger.

If you don’t happen to fall into the classic pronged diamond category, do we have a find for you! Like the maharajas of the past, you can select a diamond in its natural form set in a gorgeous modern and exceptional design.

Diamond In the Rough is a company that has been creating beautiful pieces since 2003, using uncut diamonds as the focal point and creative jewelry design to best accent the stone’s specific beauty. These diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free, they generally have more carat weight due to the lack of shaping, and they are “as unique as a fingerprint”. They now have a bridal line that features rings that are aimed at a compromise between the traditional wedding / engagement ring and their signature style.

This is listed as the Solitaire Style

This jewelry is breathtaking in photos and in person. The company has a great selection of stones and pieces suited to very different tastes. If you are shopping for the ring that you plan on wearing for the rest of your life, you MUST take a look!


Happy Shopping!



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