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You Planned. You Vowed. You Partied…. And now, after what felt like an eternity (because somehow those are the longest few weeks EVER!), your photos are ready! – Hooray!!!  You anxiously click the link your photographer sends you and…… You laugh, you cry and they are everything you ever hoped they would be! You immediately share them with all of your family and friends, anxious to get their responses to these works of art. After hours of admiration you have some idea of your favorite images. Now on to the task of printing…

Although most printing is pretty straightforward and trustworthy (especially if you go with your photographer’s printer) there are a couple of tips that might help you get the best product possible.There are endless options for printing images in today’s world: books, albums, canvas prints, thank you cards… you can print on specialty papers like linen and metallic or even on metal!

Today, we will focus on two things to consider when ordering simple individual prints.

Photo Sizing

When deciding about larger prints like an 8×10 or an 8×12, you may feel the urge to go with the something more common like the 8×10, but what you might not realize is that images are shot in an 8×12 format. So when you order the 8×10, you are cutting into the quality of the image’s resolution and  you are cutting off part of the photographer’s framing. We know that sometimes you just don’t have a choice and you just have to crop a picture for that gorgeous 8×10 frame that was wedding gift, but if you haven’t purchased your frame yet for your favorite picture, consider finding a frame that’s an 8×12 to get the full effect of the photo!

Keep to this 8×12 ratio when printing a large artistic print as well. Large format prints are much more of an investment(and when we say large format – it usually means anything larger than 8×12 or 11×14). Larger prints and framing are both considerably more expensive but they can make for a beautiful piece of art on your wall! If you are investing in a large piece of framed art, and are not sure what size to go with, clearly you must start with what size your wall is and how much room you want it to take up, but as you narrow it down to a few sizes, try to find a size ratio equal to the 8×12. This will help you avoid cropping the image and keep all of the quality of your photographers work!

Print Providers

Be wary of who prints your photos. After spending all of that time and energy on making sure you found the perfect photographer, it would be wasteful to have a sub-standard product due to bad printing. Using drugstores photo centers  may seem like a great idea budget-wise, but we must warn you that you get what you pay for. Assuming they get the color right in the first place, over time (and unfortunately not that much time), you will notice the colors start to fade and loose their vibrancy. The black lines start to fade and depending on the photo paper the image will start to get usually either a red or green hue. Trust your photographer and their printer. We are very picky about our printers for a reason. We use companies whose sole purpose and existence is printing quality, lifelong photographs and photographic products. So while they might be a greater cost financially, their work is better and will last through the years.

Even in the world of Pinterest, facebook, and every other social networking addiction, having physical copies of your images of the most important day of your life is essential. You may be tempted to order a disc of digital negatives and leave it at that but there is a nostalgia and comfort when you hold a keepsake of your actual wedding day in your hand or hang it on your wall. We all remember digging through the old photos of our loved ones at their happiest moments, and anticipating how great our day will be. Take the time and care necessary to preserve and share these memories with the love that they deserve.

Happy Printing,


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