Brides Against Breast Cancer

Hey Everyone!
Brides Against Breast Cancer is a group dedicated to helping those affected by breast cancer through the sale of wedding dresses. We love this organization so much because of its practical and generous nature. Designers and brides alike have donated their time, work, and most importantly their dresses in order to help in the fight against this horrible affliction. Whether you are married and looking to make some space in your closet, or shopping for your upcoming wedding you should check these shows out.
Brides who have already walked down the aisle:

We understand that many women wouldn’t dare part with their wedding gown, but if for some reason you feel the need to pass it on this charity is idyllic. You will give a new bride an opportunity to wear undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dresses in the world (you know it because you know your taste is flawless.) Also by doing this you will be helping those afflicted by cancer and their families.

Brides shopping for their dream dress:

There are literally hundreds of boutiques and bridal shows to check out when shopping for your gown. If you are on a budget this option is perfect for you. Second hand gowns are a growing trend among today’s budget bride, and they are no less stunning. But if second hand is not your style, do not dismiss these shows. Over half of the dresses presented are new or designer samples, and the money still goes to charity.

This cause is wonderful to take part in, and what a great way to spread some love! For more information check them out at

Happy Planning!


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