Transportation for your Photographer

When you pack your bag to leave you always remember to bring your most important items… on your wedding day, this includes your photographer! When you hire a wedding photographer, you have their complete attention for the entire time that you have booked them, so make the most of it! One of the most expensive parts of photography is the photographer’s time with you, so you will want to take advantage of your investment.

If you drive separately there is a good chance that it will end up costing you less time available to take photos. Look at it this way, if your car takes you right up to the front of the church and we are following in our car, there is a good chance we will get separated by traffic and parking, I mean it is Chicago after all! When you arrive there won’t be an opportunity for us to “paparazzi” you, and get the candid photos of the pre wedding fun. By ensuring that you have both of us with you in the car, you will guarantee that you are utilizing every available.

Your wedding day is filled with so much you will want to remember and it will fly by so fast – We want to be there for everything, so if you PLAN for us to be there it is a win win scenario!




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