Spread the LOVE!

Hello Lovebirds. As we all head into 2012, and get distracted by everyday life, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate love in a different fashion. Recently DeAwna and Eric had an encounter that really inspired them…

DeAwna and Eric stood in line at the grocery store waiting for the couple in front of them to load the final item onto the conveyor belt. Once everything was bagged the cashier gave the two their total.

“Ten dollars and one cent.”

The couple had a ten dollar bill handy and gave it to the cashier.

“ I still need a penny.”

The couple frantically searched their pockets, coming up empty handed. The man offered to run to the car and get his wallet, when DeAwna nudged Eric and asking if they had a penny and Eric dug one out of his coat pocket and handed to the woman with a smile.

The woman looked so surprised… “Really?” she asked.

“Of course” DeAwna replied.

“Thank you so much!”  Exclaimed the couple.

DeAwna and Eric assured them that it was no problem and the couple started to leave…  But before leaving the check out lane the couple turned around and looked at Eric and DeAwna with the most genuine smiles and a look in their eye that had a sense of deep, sincere gratitude and they thanked them one last time.

The amount of appreciation that came from a single copper penny has stayed with DeAwna and Eric ever since. It seemed like such a simple and obvious gesture but who knew that something so small could create such happiness for someone else.  Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to get ahead or even stay afloat, that we overlook a chance to throw someone else a line.

So, in honor of a new year, and new beginnings, we all at DeAwna McGinley Photography urge you to Spread the Love. Whether it be a smile, a compliment, or just a penny, your gesture could turn someone’s day around.


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