Alice & Oliver Engagement Session! (Chicago Engagement Photographer)

Her smile, her personality and … her teddy bear?!? Yes. These are only a few of the things that Oliver absolutely LOVES about Alice (and honestly its what we love about them too!). Sure,  Oliver’s love for Freckles Brown Bear (their precious and quite adorable build-a-bear) may sometimes be a bit bittersweet, but Freckles keeps an undeniable sentimental sparkle in Alice’s eye that that makes Oliver’s heart melt. That melted heart is just the reason that prompted Oliver to take Alice to the Drake hotel gazebo and ask her to be his wife. There is something really special about Alice and Oliver.  He has a patience and kindness that is so admirable and while she claims to be a sort of quiet and reserved gal, when you watch her with Oliver, you would never believe it. He brings out all of her gorgeous and amazing qualities.

I have to say Alice and Oliver did such a great job during this shoot. The wind was crazy but the light was perfect and these two were ready to have lots of fun! They rocked out this Lincoln Park, Chicago engagement shoot and Eric and I just can’t wait for the wedding next year!

Also… as Alice and Oliver plan their wedding over the course of the next year, their sweet Freckles Brown Bear actually has her own segment in as the Budget Bear! Be sure to check it out!

We’ve also added a little special slideshow treat at the end… scroll all the way down to the end of the post to watch it!




And finally… a special Love Letter slideshow.



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