Melissa & Donnie – Wedding! Geneva on the Lake, Ohio

Melissa and Donnie celebrated their September 2011 wedding at The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio. What I adore most about this wedding is the beauty that came from staying true to their personalities in creating an incredibly special and wonderfully personal wedding day!

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with wedding planning: what type of venue to choose, which theme to choose, which colors to choose, centerpieces, floral, … even right down to the type of paper to choose. Its so fun, but you realize as you plan, that each of these things sets a mood and a tone for your event and you start to second guess your choices in an attempt to make sure they are cohesive and truly represent you. What I love is that Melissa and Donnie took an untraditional, clever and wonderfully successful approach to their planning process.  They quickly realized that they couldn’t be represented by just one idea. It simply didn’t make sense to either of them that they would have to choose only one theme or one color or one style because they have so many interests and passions and wanted to include them all! So, these two took everything that they absolutely LOVE: crafty DIY projects, pinwheels, surreys, karaoke, golf, candy, games, the color blue, Cleveland Browns’ colors, romance, family, vintage styles, contemporary looks, wine corks, mixed CD’s and Ohio just to name a few :), and they created an amazing, personal, fun wedding using ALL of it! It turns out that the magic thread that tied it all together(besides the sheer creativity) was that these are all of the little things that make up the reasons that they love one another.

The other thing they love is family. Family means so much to them ( and this includes friends because it is clear that friends quickly become family). In fact it was family and friends who made up most of the day, literally. Melissa’s mother created her veil, the cakes and all of floral. Donnie’s mother organized the glassware for the centerpieces that were then distributed to a handful of family members who created the centerpieces with loose guidelines from the bride.  The ceremony was led by Melissa’s brother. A very close friend created their amazing card box. Their guestbook was a fingerprint tree. Their DJ is a close friend of Donnie’s and let’s be honest, Eric and I are practically family now! I know I have missed a few as the list of family and friend contributions and involvement could go on and on. In fact, I am realizing that if I had to pick a theme for Melissa and Donnie’s wedding it would have been “Having it All!”, as they truly had everything they loved all in one place!… and because of that it turned out to be one of the best and most beautiful days of their lives.








Congratulations Melissa and Donnie!

We are so happy for you!



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