Shoot of the Week: Melissa & Donnie – engagement

Melissa and Donnie’s engagement session was so. much. fun. They are both originally from Cleveland, Ohio – Browns and Buckeyes, anyone? They met in high school and after graduating, Melissa traveled for school and performing, from Canada to Colorado, but as the years passed it was her love for Donnie and their amazing connection that tugged at her heart and brought her back to the Midwest. One magical winter holiday he scooped her right up and soon after put a ring on her finger! These two love to play, but really, that’s an understatement! It’s not uncommon that you will find Donnie coming home from a game of golf, carrying Melissa around the kitchen upside down and watching Browns highlights on Sportscenter… Or you may find Melissa watching an episode of I Love Lucy while trying to figure out how to fit herself into an antique suitcase. Throw in a beer, a glass of wine and a jumbo bag of Twizzlers and its a typical Friday for them! They love being together and absolutely love to laugh. It is so sweet to watch Melissa’s infectious giggle take over Donnie’s heart and make him melt… I’ve seen it! The love that these two share is so adorable, you can’t help but grin from ear to ear.

For their shoot, I have to send a special thank you to Terese, the founder of Candyality as well as the gals that helped us out at the Southport store, for being so personable and accommodating and letting us come in to take over the shop for a bit. We are so grateful for your help in making these pictures so memorable for Melissa and Donnie.  This post features our time at Candyality but you can check out highlights from the rest of our shoot in the fantastic video slideshow hybrid at the end. ~ Enjoy!





For more of Melissa and Donnie’s engagement shoot, watch their video slideshow hybrid!



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2 responses to “Shoot of the Week: Melissa & Donnie – engagement

  1. Patti Tanski

    Deawna you did an amazing job of capturing this fun-loving couple. The candy shop location was perfect as was the park. You not only captured their pictures but also their entertaining personalities and love for each other as it sparkles in their eyes and smiles. It’s difficult to choose my favorites as I love them all. I am so looking forward to you capturing the magical moments of their wedding and to meeting you!

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