Shoot of the Week: Kati & Eric – engagement!

Love, love, love this shoot! What do an abandoned train car, a random park bench and a fountain all have in common? They are the perfect unexpected ingredients for an awesome engagement shoot!

We always collaborate with our clients to find out what their favorite places are in the city and we usually try to hit as many as we can in our engagement shoots because, well, why not? Kati works with property in and around the loop and Eric works in trading downtown, so we of course had to hit up the downtown area. We also knew we wanted to use some bridges, the lakeside and an old abandoned train car (that had a fantastic little unexpected surprise – a graffiti heart!). So we took to the city and went spot hopping for an amazing shoot!  And I have to say Kati and Eric were such troopers in such blech weather! You wouldn’t know by looking at the images, but this was one of our infamous July 2011 Fridays of overwhelming heat and muggy humidity, but with a little air conditioning and a lot of love, these two made this shoot look breezy.

We had such a blast goofing around the city and getting to know Kati and Eric.  She is this outgoing, downtown gal with a crafty side that loves hot shoes and interior design, and he is a detail oriented downtown guy with a patient, romantic side. That romantic side was revealed when we found out that Eric proposed with a scrapbook! …the ring on the last page of course! So cute! We hope these shots give them plenty of future scrapbooking material.

Congrats you two! The wedding is just around the corner – can’t wait!









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