Shoot of the Week: Boudoir Session!

As you may already know, we opened a small studio this Spring to expand the business by adding Boudoir photography! I absolutely LOVE Boudoir. It is such an amazing and empowering experience to have a photo shoot dedicated to making you feel beautiful in your own skin! It makes me so incredibly happy to help other women feel absolutely gorgeous, and I must say, my Boudoir clients’ significant others don’t mind the results either(wink, wink)! I think some women may be hesitant about the idea of Boudoir because lingerie may not be their ‘thing’ but the great thing about it is that you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, whatever makes you feel sexy and amazing. For some it’s lingerie, but for others it could be anything from a boyfriend’s work shirt to an old college tee. The key is in the styling which we (myself and our stylist) guide you through every step of the way, so as long as you are feeling flirty and fab, you’re shoot will be an awesome experience!

Boudoir is a great idea for a grooms gift, an anniversary gift, long distance relationships or  a treat for yourself. You can also get a few girlfriends together for mini sessions and bring a bottle of champagne for a girls night out or even a bachelorette party!

So happy to finally post more of this shoot, if you have any questions about Boudoir sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

***Because of the personal nature of Boudoir shoots you wont see us posting too many of them as we fully respect our clients’ privacy if they prefer to not share. We ALWAYS obtain our clients’ permission before we share any Boudoir images.








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