Shoot of the Week: Niki & Jon – Engagement

Niki and Jon are a true Chicago romance. They love each other and they love this city. With most of our clients living in Chicago, we love to encourage them to choose locations for their engagement shoot that are personal to their relationship. You might think that a downtown cityscape is just a pretty location, but for Niki and Jon it’s their life. They both handle Chicago’s picturesque and prime real estate on a daily basis. In fact, when I first met Niki and Jon and they began to talk about locations for this shoot, I jokingly asked if they would take me on a tour someday! I like to think that having lived here for almost a decade now, I know this city, but one conversation with them and I was enthralled with the stories of how pieces of this city were built.  They both appreciate the details, design and history of just about every building that adds to the windy city’s skyline so its no wonder they would want to be surrounded by its famous architecture for their engagement shoot.

We loved spending the afternoon with Niki and Jon not only because it allowed us to get to know their personalities better (there may have been a moment where their romantic gazes turned into a dance party as a party barge went past on the river!)  but it also showed us how special their relationship is and how much they adore one another.





… and almost as if we had shot on two different days, this crazy fog rolled in from Lake Michigan and blanketed the city. It was so surreal and created a really romantic vibe. I absolutely love that this happened, what a little touch of fate. There will be a very limited number of people in their lifetime that have pictures at the gazebo in front of the Drake Hotel with a dreamy, romantic fog. It almost made me want to move to the coast!





…and one last stop at Buckingham Fountain wrapped up our afternoon perfectly!

Congratulations Niki and Jon, we had so much fun with you and we can’t wait for the wedding!!!

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