Shoot of the Week: Elizabeth and Jimmy, engagement.

Welcome to our first installment of Shoot of the Week!

This week’s shoot is Elizabeth and Jimmy’s Engagement Session. I love how this shoot turned out… bright, bold, fun, vibrant colors, just like their personalities!

When we do an engagement shoot, it is really important to me to find our what the couple loves and what is unique to them as a couple and as individuals. Jimmy loves trains (model trains, real trains, any train!), soccer and is completing his schooling in violin making, and Elizabeth collects rocks, is an amazing art history buff and can remember historical dates like nobody’s business. They both really love the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago for its diversity, history, simplicity and just the warm feeling of home; so we did most of their shoot in that neighborhood… and a few down by the Art Institute for good measure.

One of the things I absolutely adore about this couple is their sense of play. There was never a dull moment and always a photo opportunity, it was fantastic! We had so much fun, at times I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!… in fact, it was funny because when we all first met they both were nervous that it might be difficult to get a great shot because Elizabeth is always on the move but this became one of my very favorite things about them! I loved that they were able to take simple posing suggestions and move around in them to make them specific to their personalities.  It created some really special moments and really awesome pictures!

Love, love, LOVE the graffiti under these train tracks! A little bit of romance mixed in with some art, perfect for these two!

Maybe its in the way he looks at her or how freely she hangs in his arms, but something about this moment melts my heart!

Here is an adorable example of that sense of play I mentioned!


  … and we had to get some train tracks in there for Jimmy!    


Thanks so much to Elizabeth and Jimmy, we can’t wait for their wedding this July!

Some of the package additions that we offer are Slideshows or Video Slideshows of either your engagement shoot or wedding day coverage, the difference very simply being that the one includes video of the shoot. As a special treat, we used Elizabeth and Jimmy’s Engagement shoot to put together a little example of a Video Slideshow. Enjoy!

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