New to the Blog… Shoot of the Week!

I recently joined the world of iphone users and hate to admit how much I love it! Having just converted from Blackberry I’m not too huge on Apps, but that’s mainly because they are still new to me. But I have to say, the land of smartphone Apps has brought me a bit of blogging inspiration!

Let me preface with a little story about Eric…

Since he was very young, his grandfather collected issues of National Geographic and Eric would sit and admire the pictures in each issue, daydreaming up a life of exciting international travels and cultural experiences. Since then, Eric had always wanted to one day be a contributing photographer for National Geographic. While it hasn’t been a main focus in his life just yet, I trust it is something he will one day undertake, but until then he happily gets a daily picture from his National Geographic App!

This App has become our morning ritual. The first thing we do every morning is look at his phone to see the picture of the day… and then it hit me! I can have a picture of the day too! While I am not quite ready for the DeAwna McGinley Photography App (although who knows, it may come sooner than we think) I figured I can use the blog to showcase…. (drumroll please….) …… a Shoot of the Week! Each week I will showcase one of our shoots, and every day(Mon-Fri) I will update that post with a featured picture from that shoot! Its a tall order, but since this is now posted for all to see, it looks like I will just have to be accountable.

Stay tuned for the first installment of  ‘Shoot of the Week’ coming Memorial Day 2011!


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