JR Drew: Headshots

JR is one of my very best friends from graduate school. I am sometimes guilty of being extremely honest and direct and I pretty much blame JR’s influence over the last 8 years for that! I am so grateful for it though and for him.  JR was actually the one who married Eric and I on our wedding day when we were 4 days out, with no officiant(you can read more about that on our ABOUT page). Being the amazing friend that he is, he went online and got ordained so we could have a wedding! He now lives in the Seattle area, but when I found out he was coming back to Chicago for a quick weekend, I jumped on the chance to take his picture.

All through grad school, JR had medium length to short hair but he has actually been growing his hair out to donate it, which I absolutely admire and love! It just pulled at my heartstrings when we were talking about the possibility of a little girl who may lose her hair to chemo and ends up with a chance to choose a wig with JR’s amazingly curly hair, which can go from fun curls to stick straight to ringlets… so awesome!… I would’ve loved to have that hair as a little girl! So, since his hair is all grown out and it may be a couple months before he can cut it, he needed some new acting headshots. I will say we scheduled 2 different days of pictures, one straight hair day and one curly hair day, and BOTH days we had the absolute WORST weather. The light was crappy, the clouds were thick and the rain was in and out all day, but there was no option to reschedule since he was leaving town and we somehow managed to pull off some great shots! Take a look at a few that we ended up with…



         … and I maybe jumped into a couple at the end! 🙂

Special side note: Some of these are the first official headshots at the new studio! I am getting increasingly excited, the more I shoot there.  Thanks so much to JR and we’ll have to do another round of shots once you donate those locks! xoxo


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