Happy Anniversary Dana & Michael!

I am so happy for Dana and Mike! I cannot believe that one year ago today we were getting Dana ready to walk down the aisle to meet her Michael at the altar.

This is a couple destined to be partners. He is her rock and she is his spark of life. The natural balance between youthful giddiness and mature wisdom in their love is what makes them such a strong partnership. They both have amazing families and a strong bond to family values and relationships. Their relationship began through bonding over personal family circumstances and they both soon realized how important it was to have each other to complete their family circle.

This day last year was a romantic foggy downtown afternoon where the soft blanket of white covered the sky and swirled in and out of skyscrapers… and the tiny drizzle was just enough to create moments of magic under a big umbrella as a proud groom held his new bride close to him, walking through the streets of Chicago. I think many brides worry about weather on their wedding day, but I don’t think any of us who were there for Dana and Michael’s wedding have ever seen fog and drizzle look more romantic and beautiful than it did that day! It truly is testament to that idea that when you are in love or in the presence of love, nothing else matters.

Dana and Mike became such close friends of ours through their wedding experience. We had a blast with a long day of canoodling for their engagement shoot, we did Chicago cityscape shots for their invitations and of course were with them every step of the way through their wedding day. We are so blessed and honored to have been a part of their day and now to be a part of their lives.

Happy Anniversary Dana and Mike! Wishing you years and years full of happiness!

Here’s a little Anniversary treat for you…

Hotel: Four Seasons, Ceremony: Fourth Presbyterian Church, Reception and Catering: Gibson’s, Makeup: Jaqueline Ortega, Photography: DeAwna McGinley Photography.



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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary Dana & Michael!

  1. Lynda Trester

    The video is beautiful, how very thoughtful of you. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.

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