Sophie’s Bows!

Ummm,…. excuse me, but isn’t this just the most ridiculously adorable thing you’ve seen?!?!

For those of you who haven’t met her yet, this is our English Cream Golden Retriever, Sophie.

After a delightful afternoon of literally rolling in the mud at Wiggley Field (the dog park down the street from Wrigley Field), Soph definitely had to go in for a bath. All of the cute boutique doggy wash places were full, so we dropped her off filthy and soaked at the PETCO around the corner. When we picked her up, I almost died! She ran out to us wagging her tail, with that huge golden retriever smile on her face and these ADORABLE bows behind her ears! I have never really been the girl to dress up her dog, but I gotta tell you, after this experience, I’m sooooo tempted!



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2 responses to “Sophie’s Bows!

  1. Sherry Cherney

    Hi DeAwna, Sophie has gotten so big. She is very cute with the bows. We treat Lucy to a spa day too. She loves it and we love how soft and fluffy she gets.

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