Best Logo Designer EVER!

Can I please just take a minute to say how much I love my new logo?!?

I had such anxiety about not being able to afford something custom and artistic and I was worried that I wouldn’t find a designer that could pull off what I saw in my head. I did Google search after Google search and ended up  in ETSY where I found the most amazing graphic designer EVER! All of the things you look for in a designer to help represent your vision – I found!

1. She’s affordable, 2. She can turn your crazy idea into something tangible , 3. She does Unlimited Revisions! (WHAT?  That’s CRAZY!- I know, that’s what I said! crazy? yes. – but also true) and the most amazing part… 4. She had my first sample to me within 24 hours!!!

Check her out! I cannot keep her all to myself and must share the wealth, because she deserves it!

* helpful hint for all of my brides! she can also do custom monograms or stationary for invite/save the date design


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